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Finally... a path back
to sexual desire

A healthy sex life is vital to emotional health, providing the pleasure and physical release of orgasm as well as a greater sense of connectedness and bonding with your partner.

Unfortunately, many of us suffer from low sexual desire due to hormonal imbalance which can result from menopause, as well as from the physiological impact of stress and anxiety. In fact, loss of sexual desire affects one in every four women. For a woman who once had a healthy sex drive, losing your libido can be frustrating and can take a terrible toll on your relationship and overall sense of well-being.

And despite its prevalence, there are few supplement options for dealing with weakened libido. But Symetrin® contains an optimal dose of a natural extract called Libifem®, which comes from an herb called Fenugreek used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Libifem® offers a natural way to support the female hormone estradiol that helps boost sexual desire. Libifem® has been shown in clinical testing to increase libido, sexual arousal and desire. So, Symetrin® is designed to lift your mood while also helping to revive your passion for sex — and life.

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